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Introduction to scientific and technological novelty search

"Novelty search is the abbreviation of scientific and technological novelty search, which refers to the scientific and technological content provided by the novelty search client that needs to be verified, operated in accordance with this specification, and made a conclusion."

-----Excerpted from GKFJZ [2000] No. 544 Specification for Scientific and Technological Novelty Search issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

Novelty search institutions refer to information consulting institutions that have the qualification of novelty search business, provide paid scientific and technological novelty search services according to the scientific and technological content that needs to be verified provided by the novelty search client, operate in accordance with the norms of scientific and technological novelty search; Novelty search client refers to the natural person, legal person or other organization that puts forward the demand for novelty search; Novelty means that part or all of the scientific and technological content of the novelty search project has not been publicly published in domestic and foreign publications before the date of entrustment. Novelty search plays a very important role in scientific research and development, scientific research management and national economic construction. Specifically, it includes providing objective basis for scientific research project establishment, providing objective basis for identification, evaluation, acceptance, transformation and reward of scientific and technological achievements, and providing reliable and rich information for scientific and technological personnel to carry out research and development.

Founded in 1992, the novelty search station of Dalian University of Technology is one of the first 12 novelty search stations for scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities recognized by the former National Education Commission. Relying on the rich literature resources of the Library of Dalian University of Technology, this novelty search station provides readers inside and outside the university with such literature search services as project approval, identification, application and patent application of scientific and technological achievements.

Please note:

Scientific and technological novelty search: first, please fill in the power of attorney online. The keywords provided in Chinese and foreign languages should be standardized and accurate. You can use keywords to form a search strategy in the database in advance to try to check, so as to avoid zero hit documents or too many hit documents; The number of novelty search points provided should not be too many, and should be controlled within 3.

Retrieval: In order to better meet the needs of readers for retrieval services, the library will now add a window on the basis of the original online entrustment service for scientific and technological novelty retrieval to uniformly accept the entrustment of readers for retrieval services.

Access: Library homepage -->links to common services -->retrieval/novelty search( the same time, the acceptance method of submitting for check and reference via email is disabled.

From November 11, 2022, the electronic invoice will be uniformly issued by the external proofreading/receiving inquiry. The download address of the electronic invoice will be sent to the E-mail mailbox provided at the time of entrustment within two weeks after the payment is completed.

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